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News June 24, 2022

On-Demand Webinar: How 3 Health Systems are Addressing Workforce Shortages

By examining their data, health systems can better understand staffing numbers and allocations to determine areas of improvement and order of prioritization, leading to a data-driven strategy with transparency across the enterprise.

This webinar demonstrates how three health systems have transformed their workforce management approach with advanced workforce management strategies such as staffing analytics, enterprise float pool development, a consolidated staffing office, and predictive scheduling technology.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how data and analytics can uncover staff supply and demand across a health system
  • Understand that every organization is different and requires a customized mix of talent to decrease premium pay and agency usage while increasing the flexibility of care staff
  • Learn how predictive analytics can improve fill rates and open shift management results, increasing staff satisfaction and retention
  • Understand the benefits of centralizing resource management to effectively deploy flexible staff to where they are needed most

Who Should Watch the Webinar:

Healthcare executives, administrators, directors and managers who lead hospitals, healthcare systems, or healthcare professionals involved in clinical staffing strategy or provider recruitment, and anyone seeking more knowledge about effective healthcare workforce staffing should attend.

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