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Blog April 28, 2020

Transitioning to AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions from Your Current Process

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve now more than ever before, healthcare organizations of all sizes are taking steps to better manage staffing and other critical resources. One of the major ways in which facilities can do this is by investing in a revenue management cycle partner like AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS). If your revenue cycle management department needs a change, the AMN Healthcare RCS team can help your facility seamlessly transition into outsourced, well-managed revenue management with this three-step process:


1. Preliminary evaluation. Before you can fully delve into an outsourced process, AMN Healthcare RCS will conduct a complete audit workflow and productivity assessment based on your type of healthcare facility. Because every facility requires different levels of staffing and management, going through this preliminary evaluation will ensure that the best protocols are established before next steps are taken.


2. Integrated staffing. For an effective transition to take place, new staffing must be fully integrated within your revenue cycle management department while maintaining proper workflow. Whether it’s replacing nurses or re-badging them to the AMN RCS team, we take steps not to disrupt current flow and processes. Typically senior-level employees and a manager with a tech background are assigned to supervise and ensure a smooth transition.


3. Timely execution. Depending on a facility’s current staffing needs, the transition process can take as little as a couple of weeks to as long as three months. A 30-day transition is typically the average cycle for AMN Healthcare RCS; however, our team works to tailor a timeline that takes into account optimal productivity at your facility, as well as familiarity among all staff.


When you entrust AMN Healthcare RCS with your revenue cycle process, you’ll increase your staffing efficiencies, make better use of your financial resources, and ultimately improve the way your facility functions at large.


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