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Blog September 28, 2018

Must-Have Leadership Skills for Case Managers

A career in case management can be extremely multifaceted, requiring many skills related to patient care and effective management practices. You may be surprised to learn that case managers must exhibit a high degree of leadership in their roles for many reasons. To excel in their positions, case managers must delegate and work closely with both the medical staff and with patients and their families on cases to ensure proper patient care protocols are met. Here are just some of the most important leadership skills that are crucial for success in the case management field:

Critical thinking and problem-solving. As a case manager, you’ll constantly be expected to solve problems or initiate changes to cases. Taking initiative to think critically in solving challenging situations will help you avoid falling into the trap of doing things the same way they’ve always been done. This is crucial, as case managers who do not think “outside the box” will fail to adapt rather than their teams in the most innovative and forward-thinking way.

Time management. In a fast-paced healthcare setting, timing is everything when it comes to delivering positive patient outcomes. The best case managers are able to manage their time wisely by setting priorities, delegating as needed and consistently identifying ways to better improve processes. Time management is also integral in building high morale among a team. RN case managers who are managed the right way will experience less burnout on the job and feel more valued for their work, as they’ll be given realistic expectations for when and how to complete tasks.

Communication. The nature of case management as a job is almost entirely predicated on communication. Strong verbal and written communication is essential in coordinating care and improving health outcomes. The ability to communicate through digital patient portals, as well as in person, allows case managers to articulate a clear course of action for each case being managed. Fluid communication among all care providers involved in a case ensures every patient will receive the most comprehensive care for their individual conditions and treatment requirements.

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