News March 1, 2022

Travel Nurse Promotes Kindness

Traveler Spotlight: Evelyn V., BSN, RN

Kindness Resonates in All Areas of Life

Meet Evelyn V., RN in the emergency department. Evelyn has been a travel nurse with AMN Healthcare for three and half years and is working on her sixteenth contract assignment. When asked why she remains with AMN Healthcare for more than three years, she explains, “I have the best recruiter of anyone. Jess always has my back, gives me great assignments, and always makes sure I’m safe and happy wherever I sign on to work. She’s truly turned into not only my recruiter, but a great friend.”. Evelyn was referred to AMN Healthcare through a friend, and stated, “that’s who I have trusted with my career ever since.”.

Evelyn chose nursing later in life because she wanted to have a job where she felt like she was making a difference and helping people. Prior, she was a mailwoman, then attended Indiana State University for her Bachelor of Science and to become a registered nurse. Evelyn has kindness and love resonate in all areas of herlife as a wife of thirty years, a mother, and grandmother.

Kindness in the Workplace

Evelyn expressed that when patients show kindness, it doesn’t go unnoticed, and it is appreciated. She goes on, “We all know that last year was called the Year of the Nurse, and this year we are right back to the bottom of the totem pole. People can be rude, angry, tired of long waits, tired of COVID-19...Just when I’m tired of it all, I get a sweet patient who tells me thank you for all we do. And about how much they appreciate me helping them or their family member. It really turns my whole day around.”. Evelyn’s experience is proof that kindness doesn’t need to be a grandiose gesture or elaborate gift. It can be as simple as giving grace and expressing gratefulness.

We asked Evelyn how people can show kindness to healthcare workers. She responded, “As far as people being kind to healthcare workers, that’s easy! Be patient with long waits. All we want is cooperation and patience. Easy.”.

Evelyn enjoys helping other nurses on staff and goes out of her way to do so. She also gives excellent advice, especially to nurses who are curious about travel nursing. Her advice is, “I say to travel...see the entire U.S.and get paid doing it. Pick great locations with lots of beautiful things to see. Also, I love traveling and getting to see how different hospitals work! All hospitals do things so differently, it has made me a better nurse!”. Travel nursing provides exposure to multiple settings, processes, and personalities. It is an organic way to build skillsets and experience one otherwise may not get if they have a permanent position at one healthcare facility.

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