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The average Surgical Technologist travel nurse working in Inverness earned about $1,966 per week as of May 1, 2024.

Inverness is a great location for ST travel nurses to live, work and play! Search for additional ST jobs below or apply now and our AMN Healthcare team will help get you started!

Statistics on ST Travel Jobs in Inverness, FL

View helpful statistics based on historical data about ST travel jobs in and near Inverness. This data is based on the last three months of ST job postings in and around Inverness. Our statistics are updated regularly, which means you can find the most accurate Surgical Technologist job salary trends, the types of shifts, and common contract durations available in Inverness and more. Find out more about travel nursing salaries here.

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FAQs About Surgical Technologist Jobs in Inverness, Florida

On average, how much does an ST travel nurse make in Inverness?

A Surgical Technologist in Inverness can make an average of $2,002 per week.

What hospitals and healthcare facilities have Surgical Technologist staff in or around Inverness?

  • Lake Correctional Institution in Clermont (37.2 miles from Inverness)
  • Lowell Correctional Institution in Ocala (33.8 miles from Inverness)
  • AdventHealth Ocala (D) in Ocala (26.7 miles from Inverness)
  • AdventHealth Dade City in Dade City (34.6 miles from Inverness)
  • Oak Hill Hospital in Brooksville (24 miles from Inverness)

What shifts are most common for ST travel jobs near Inverness?

Based on the last 6 months of data, 8 Hour Day shifts were the most common in Inverness and surrounding areas.

How much does a day shift Surgical Technologist make on average in Inverness and nearby cities?

A: 8 Hour Day shift Surgical Technologist in Inverness can make an average of $2,002 per week based on recent job availability.

What are the top paying Surgical Technologist jobs available in or near Inverness currently?

Locating ST Travel Nursing Jobs in Inverness

Facilities like Lake Correctional Institution, Lowell Correctional Institution and AdventHealth Ocala (D) in Inverness all offer ST departments. It’s an amazing city to work in and is close to neighborhoods like .

Other popular cities near Inverness for ST job opportunities are Homosassa (17.6 miles), Brooksville (19.7 miles), and The Villages (23.4 miles). These nearby zip codes often have opportunities: 34452 (0.4 miles), 34613 (24 miles), and 32159 (24.8 miles).

Inverness Hospitals

In Inverness there are 1 hospitals & healthcare facilities with ST staff. See what types of shifts, contract durations, job specialties, and nearby neighborhoods each facility might offer to help you find your next ST travel nursing position in or nearby Inverness.

Citrus Memorial Hospital
8 D
Job Durations
Cardiovascular Operating Room Case Manager First Assist Operating Room
502 W Highland Blvd, NULL
Inverness, FL 34452

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