Live Q&A Episode 18 hosts
Live Q&A April 17, 2023

Live Q&A Ep. 18 – Ready, Set, Travel

New Grad Edition

Host: Rachel Kelmer 
Guests: Jessica A. and Will F., PT, DPT 

In episode 18 of our Live Q&A event series, we share the best way to see the country and expand your career after graduation. Our host, Rachel, and our guests, Jessica and William talk about how to succeed after graduation and starting your career as an allied traveler.

We Discuss

What are the most important questions to ask your recruiter when getting started?
When getting started make sure to ask what type of settings are available for your assignment and look into if the state is a part of a compact license.
How has the mentorship program affected you as a new graduate?
The new grad mentorship program has helped me in so many ways including doing my taxes. As a first time traveler taxes can be challenging. Let your recruiter know that you are interested in the new grad program and find out more information here.
What is your biggest tip to other new grads?
Get to your assignment early, check out the commute routes and plan out your traffic route. Starting the application process early will always set you up for success.

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