Live Q&A June 15, 2023

Live Q&A Ep. 21 - How to Find the Perfect Job

Host: Audra Giancarli, AMN Passport Lead

Guests: Jay Sadler, Recruitment Manager, Kate Eitel, Manager of Training Account Management, Chelsea Wynia, Director of Recruitment

Searching for the perfect summer assignment? Whether you're itching to visit a state you've never experienced or spend time closer to home, we can help you find what you're looking for.

On episode 21 of our AMN Live Q&A event series, learn how our panel of recruiters help clinicians find a job that fits their skill set, the interview process and how the AMN Passport app makes credentialing easier.

We Discuss

How can I find an assignment quickly?

Download the AMN Passport app to start searching for your next assignment, find jobs that match your preferences and hear advice from fellow travelers!

How do I start my travel nurse career?

The first step is getting connected with a recruiter! You can submit your information here and a member of our recruitment team will contact you and start discussing what you’re looking for.

How does AMN Healthcare help international nurses?

We have nursing jobs for International nurses at some of the top facilities throughout the United States. Learn more about these opportunities through O’Grady Peyton.

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