We're Pleased to Introduce you to Jamey Dubke

Podcast Host

Jamey is a proven leader with demonstrated experience consulting with executives and heads of businesses, leading people strategy, executive coaching, talent and career development, and DEI strategy for Fortune 50 companies.


In the podcast Jamey sits down with the leading thinkers in the healthcare industry, guiding meaningful conversations to a world where healthcare's boundaries are continually pushed. Each episode delves into the profound impact of innovation on patient care, access to healthcare, and the overall patient experience.

As a seasoned HR executive with 20+ years of dynamic experience, she excels in driving HR and talent strategies for enterprise organizations with large workforces. By owning talent acquisition, development, and retention, Jamey aligns people strategies with business goals, fostering a culture of talent excellence, employee engagement, and long-term staff retention.

As an executive leader, she is very comfortable advising the C-suite on strategic initiatives for multi-billion-dollar organizations and providing data-driven recommendations and innovative solutions to enhance overall performance.

Jamey is well-versed in large-scale change management and takes pride in her ability to seamlessly navigate complex transformations including mergers, IT migrations, and restructures, ensuring successful transitions for employees and stakeholders.

She has dynamic industry expertise, successfully leading HR strategy across highly regulated sectors such as healthcare, telecommunications, finance, and air travel. She delivers tailored solutions that drive compliance, efficiency, and optimal performance.

When Jamey has some time away from work, she loves to stay active in the gym and spend time with my family.