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Blog March 29, 2022

AMN Healthcare Virtual Care – Hospital at Home Initiative

Hospital at Home Helps Incentivize Shorter Patient Stays

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a changing healthcare landscape, driving innovations in patient treatment practices—particularly, the adoption of home health and virtual care has allowed for shorter hospital stays, reduction of hospital readmissions, and greater convenience for patients.

Recently, payers like Medicare have incentivized hospitals to discharge patients sooner where possible, contingent on additional home monitoring with the necessary equipment to ensure treatment progress. To fulfill this incentive, hospitals are required to have home health nurses available or a contract with a home health agency to fulfill the terms of the Hospital at Home incentive.

How Value-Based Care Becomes Patient-Centered

Value-based care is a proactive concept to keep healthcare costs down, produce better healthcare outcomes and most importantly, improve a patient’s overall health and wellbeing, according to The Cleveland Clinic. The Hospital at Home incentive reduces hospital readmission because of the patient-centered home health care and well-executed transitional care.

Well-executed transitional care, or Transition of care, is a valuable part of delivering patient-centered care. It includes a detailed care plan covering a broad range of services designed to ensure the safe transport of patients across health care levels, care settings, and between providers. Virtual care can be used to improve transitional care and the continuity of care plan.

VCM Can Support Hospital Incentives

Hospitals who choose to use their own home health nurses and providers for continued care can seriously benefit from a reliable virtual care platform. Telehealth will play a significant role in effective home health care services and partnering with Virtual Care Management can offer the security of a trusted platform with user-friendly functionality across the board.

Partnering with AMN Healthcare Virtual Care Management, hospitals and physician groups can seamlessly integrate telemedicine into their service lines, providing convenience to patients, improved continuity of care, and deeper engagement—all in the mission of shortening inpatient visits and reducing rehospitalizations.

Virtual Care Management brings a dynamic solution to the expansion of home health care, creating a smooth transition for patients from inpatient visits to the comfort of their homes—and, through innovative technology, hospitals can continue to deliver top quality care throughout the treatment process. With the security of a trusted virtual care platform, providers can truly reap the benefits of the Hospital at Home Initiative.

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