Blog May 25, 2022

Nurses Are Reimagining Healthcare

Nurses are uniquely positioned to lead the transformation of our health system. And in 2021, AMN Healthcare eagerly supported the American Nurses Foundation’s Reimagining Nursing (RN) Initiative with a grant to put out the call for bold ideas that could transform nursing.

Today, the initiative is equipping nurses with skills and resources to meet the health care needs of the future by investing in bold ideas developed and led by nurses for patient care that has improved access and is more person-centric, forward-looking, and technology-enabled.

According to the American Nurses Foundation Executive Director Kate Judge, “From the hundreds of proposals received from nurse teams around the country, we selected the boldest ideas that address key nursing challenges. These out-of-the-box solutions are what we need to transform health care and improve the lives of nurses and people in their care.”

One pilot uses immersive virtual reality to improve clinical education. Another creates direct reimbursement models for nurses to improve health equity in rural areas. Explore all the selected pilot projects on the RN Initiative website.

The RN Initiative focuses on three priority areas for innovation that present unique opportunities for large-scale, replicable change. Focusing on these areas can enable nurses with cutting-edge knowledge and tools and improved environments and systems to deliver equitable, exemplary care to their patients:

  • Practice-Ready Nurse Graduates pilots will prepare newly graduated nurses to immediately succeed in and contribute to a variety of settings where patients need care.
  • Technology-Enabled Nursing Practice pilots will support the design and implementation of technology-based tactics and tools that enhance the practice of nursing.
  • Direct-Reimbursement Nursing Model pilots will expand nursing practice and elevate the value of nursing through direct reimbursement for nursing care delivery, management, and coordination outcomes.

By 2025, each pilot will deliver evidence that demonstrates how their solution improves nursing. They will also provide resources and tools that enable their solution to be widely adopted within the profession.

The RN Initiative will help nurses realize their full potential—giving them the tools, knowledge, and power to improve health care for generations to come.

For more information on the Reimagining Nursing Initiative, visit the website or contact Foundation staff at