Live Q&A Episode 16 hosts
Live Q&A March 15, 2023

Live Q&A Ep. 16 – The Secrets to Clinical Fellowship Success

Host: Rachel Kelmer  

Guests: Maggie Keys SLP-CCC and Bria W. SLP- CCC 

In episode 16 of our Live Q&A event series, we're sharing the ins and outs of our Clinical Fellowship program. Our host, Rachel, and our guests, Maggie SLP-CCC and Bria SLP-CCC will talk about how to succeed after graduation and start your career as a Speech Language Pathologist.

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We Discuss

What is our Clinical Fellowship program?

Our CF program is comprised of four different components, the supervision aspect, free and unlimited CEUS through Med Bridge, reimbursement for medical certifications and reimbursement for your ASHA dues.

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What are the expectations for a Clinical Fellow within a travel assignment?

The number one thing to set yourself up for success is to understand what ASHA’s requirements are as well as your state requirements. Lastly, make sure you are communicating with your Clinical Fellowship mentor, they are here to help you!

What are some top tips to share with clinical fellows who are starting out?

Talk to the school district and ask them what the caseload cap is and the type of population that you will be working with. An important thing to note is your workload vs your caseload, having great communication with your CF mentor and recruiter will always help make things easier as well.

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