Elevate Care Podcast December 12, 2023

Ep. 04 | Navigating Organizational Transformation and Change

In this episode, we discuss the insightful journey through transformation and change within organizations, with Fredrick Marin, the Senior Director for Change Management at the University of Virginia. From confronting the difficult truths to leveraging the potential of Human Resources, we explore pivotal moments and mindsets shaping the industry. We discuss embracing change, building trust, and navigating the intricate dynamics between culture and engagement in the workplace.   

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(00:22) Introduction

(05:24) Your Baby Is Ugly

(11:35) Harnessing the Power of People

(22:01) Leaning into Change

(38:06) Placing Trust in the Workplace

(49:15) Culture vs. Engagement

(54:17) Fredrick’s Mindset Challenge

About The Guest

Fredrick Martin is the Sr. Director for Change Management at the University of Virginia. He specializes in driving organizational transformation and nurturing positive organizational culture. He crafts and steers change management strategies across the Academic Division and Health System, with an emphasized role in rejuvenating Human Resources practices.

Boasting over 15 years of expertise, Fredrick is renowned for orchestrating pivotal business and cultural shifts in intricate, matrixed settings. A cornerstone of his experience is his tenure as the Master Change Agent for Ascension Health, the U.S.'s largest non-profit, faith-based healthcare conglomerate. Here, amidst a vast network of 2600+ care sites, 151 hospitals, and a workforce exceeding 130,000, Fredrick innovatively developed and applied change management plans in alignment with both regional and national missions.

Fredrick's leadership has been pivotal in metamorphosing organizational cultures, enhancing patient accessibility, championing patient-centric care, and elevating the overall customer experience. Prior to his immersion in healthcare, he ventured into the global arena of offshore outsourcing. He was instrumental in the initiation and governance of call centers spread across diverse international landscapes. His extensive background also envelops facets of organizational development, quality assurance, and operations.

He holds a BS and an MBA from the University of Phoenix. Further augmenting his academic accomplishments, Fredrick acquired an Executive Master’s in Healthcare Leadership from Cornell University. He is also distinguished as a certified Master Change Agent.

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