Will Morse, Vice President, Solution Design, Implementation

Will Morse

Since 2005, Will Morse has been a foundational figure in propelling AMN Healthcare to its status as a leader in the healthcare workforce solutions market. With a career spanning more than 30 years, including pivotal clinical and national hospital administration roles within HCA hospitals, Will brings unparalleled insight into the complexities of the healthcare industry. His expertise in workforce technology, service solution design, and implementation, complemented by a strategic focus on sales enablement and commercial messaging, has pointedly contributed to AMN Healthcare's expansion and improved service delivery that aligns with clients’ buying journeys.

Currently, he leads efforts to consult with a broad spectrum of healthcare systems to develop innovative workforce solutions that address post-pandemic total talent needs with patient-centric, outcomes-focused, and cost-effective approaches. His leadership in designing and implementing teams and strategies across AMN Healthcare’s diverse service and technology lines has solidified and evolved the company's reputation as a trusted partner to hundreds of leading healthcare institutions.

Mr. Morse’s influence extends beyond operational and product strategy. His advocacy for improved VHA recruiting practices, reflected in his Congressional Testimony, and active participation in trade organizations like Becker’s Healthcare, SIA, and HFMA, highlight his commitment to enhancing healthcare staffing on a national level. Mr. Morse is a supporter and participant in the Challenged Athlete Foundation, which supports and encourages people with physical disabilities to pursue active lifestyles to increase self-esteem and enhance quality of life. 

Talent Management and Comprehensive Solutions

Today’s health systems, medical centers, nursing facilities and private practices require a diverse workforce with an array of skills, specialties, and experience. We collaborate with you to plan, acquire, and deploy the full spectrum and sources of talent, helping you efficiently deliver great patient care.

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