• The Only Integrated Talent Solution for Healthcare

    Today’s healthcare talent environment, as with healthcare itself, is growing in complexity and evolving rapidly. Approaches to workforce planning and acquisition are often executed in silos, requiring an excessive number of touchpoints while underutilizing supporting technology. It’s time for a more robust, integrated solution to total talent management. Now, more than ever, it’s time to disrupt the status quo.

    AMN + Randstad Integrated Talent Solutions


    Delivering Greater Value — Together

    Hear from our CEO Susan Salka on why AMN opted to partner with Randstad to create a total healthcare talent solution — and what it means for you.

    The Only Integrated Talent Solution

    Welcome to Tomorrow

    As healthcare organizations have gotten larger and built or acquired new capabilities, the complexity of care delivery and operations has grown. Today’s health systems require a diverse workforce with an ever-growing array of skills, specialties and experience. Future success demands a truly integrated, agile and enterprise-driven approach to talent. 

    A key to achieving this approach is through “systemness”, delivering patient-focused, high-quality and cost-effective care through alignment of the many parts of the organization. For talent, that means overcoming workforce fragmentation and implementing coordinated solutions to maximize talent ROI. However, aligning services and practices across a wide range of facilities, employees and care types is complex, and can be challenging. 

    Systemness requires a holistic view of system-wide needs and a utilization of technology that provides comprehensive, real-time data to support proactive talent strategy decision-making, at all levels of the organization.

    Simplified and Streamlined

    AMN Healthcare + Randstad are partnering to deliver this new model of healthcare talent management — a single, integrated total workforce solution that addresses today’s broad and diverse needs. Our long-standing partnership is built on the realization that, together, we can do more for the healthcare clients we serve.

    Health systems of all sizes benefit from a total talent solution that embodies each company's deep expertise in acquiring, managing and optimizing your most important asset - your people.

    A Unified Approach to Workforce Planning, Acquisition and Management

    Together, our clinical, allied, professional and digital/technology expertise, combined with the knowledge of your unique organizational needs, enables the delivery of one holistic talent management strategy, including:

    • Reporting and analytics to provide full transparency to all resources
    • The opportunity to organize clinical and non-clinical solutions 
    • A total talent model that includes recruiting permanent and interim executive resources
    • The ability to view, track and manage services procurement contractor engagements 
    • Ongoing recommendations on AI and automation solutions to reduce the need for human capital in transactional areas
    With our extensive cross-industry experience, we can help you decide where to start and how to go about this critical effort, and achieve your business outcomes faster.

    A “Game Changer” for Healthcare Talent Strategy

    That’s what Everest Group calls Integrated Talent Solutions. Download their white paper on the advantages of an end-to-end talent acquisition strategy by AMN Healthcare + Randstad.

    Download the white paper

    Download Your Guide to Healthcare Talent Management

    This ebook highlights research by AMN Healthcare and Randstad examining current industry and talent management trends. The findings include:

    • insights into the four high-impact trends affecting healthcare talent management today
    • key challenges facing peer organizations
    • the seven-step Talent Management Success Roadmap
    Download the Ebook

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