• By aligning our qualified therapists to your school goals, AMN is aiming to deliver best-in-class Teletherapy

    Unique students require expert attention, which is why Televate® only works with the best school therapists, psychiatrists, and social workers in the country. Televate® offers more options than ever for these experts to elevate the students that need specialized care the most. Whether you need traditional in-person learning, 100% remote learning, or any required or optional combinations of the two, Televate® has you covered.


    The many benefits of partnering with AMN Healthcare

    We want to help you achieve success for your students. Collaborating and partnering with AMN Healthcare means evolving the way you hire and leverage technology to transform your special education program.

    In short, our solutions will provide your school with:

    • Scheduling flexibility: Students can connect with their therapists anywhere, any time.
    • Personalized sessions: Our therapists backgrounds and specialties are diverse and will provide therapy that is customized to each student’s unique needs.
    • Language services: Provide assessments and treatment to English Language Learners (ELLs) in over 200 languages, including American Sign Language (ASL), or communicate with parents by adding a certified interpreter to the session virtually.
    • Tracking progress: Communication between staff and parents is readily available to ensure that parents are aware of the student’s progress.
    • Keeping you compliant: Our team will help you meet special education monthly service minutes, so that your district remains in compliance.
    • Accessible staffing solutions: Whether your district needs therapy services for one student or 1,000, we can source, staff, and onboard for those specific needs.
    • Reduce stress on current staff: Supplementing with our teletherapy solution supports your current staff and allows all to maintain reasonable caseloads and reduces costly turnover.
    • Our therapists are W-2 employees: Our teletherapists are carefully chosen for your district by our Teletherapy Director and committed W-2 employees of AMN Healthcare.

     Professionals   Technology    Languages    Focused
      Included Language
      Cutting Edge
    Reliable network of
    qualified clinicians
    with a wide
    range of skills
    and experience.
      Utilize our
    professional interpreters
    so that you can
    support your students
    in any language.
      Innovative proprietary
    platform, Televate,
    powered by FERPA and
    HIPAA compliant video
    conferencing software.
      Our network helps districts to overcome
    shortages and to
    provide the specific
    support each student needs.

    Televate® was built for and with school districts in mind. The platform is HIPAA, FERPA, and COPPA compliant, extremely easy to set-up and use and offers convenient, built-in resource library, assessments, and tracking tools to follow each student’s progress.  

    Request more information by calling (800) 236-8038 or completing our request more information form below. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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