• As the leading national provider of Mid-Revenue Cycle and Workforce Solutions, AMN Healthcare understands the need for hospitals, health systems, acute care facilities and large physician practices to generate and preserve revenue. To address those needs, the solutions we provide include:

    • Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)
    • Healthcare Information Management
    • Managed Coding Model
    • Oncology Data Management (ODM)
    • Trauma Registry Services
    • Transplant Registry Services

    Our certified, credentialed and highly-skilled Healthcare Information Management (HIM) experts have been the driving force behind years of success across numerous organizations. We work hard to partner clients with the right experts to achieve success in improving quality, efficiency and cashflow.

    What makes AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions Unique?

    • Unparalleled customer service
    • Unique Consultative Approaches
    • Customizable End-to-End Solutions
    • Accountability, Innovation and Integrity
    • Full Educational Opportunities
    • Exceptional Cost to Value

    We strive to be an innovative and influential partner focused on helping healthcare organizations provide a quality patient care experience that is more human, effective and achievable.

    Trusted by thousands of practices across the country, AMN can help you drive positive financial and quality outcomes.

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