• Your emergency management partner for national and local crisis response needs and vaccination planning.

    States and provider organizations across the country are ramping up additional capacity to cope with COVID-19. Our joint mission is to help every willing American receive the COVID-19 vaccine. We partner to expand existing facilities as well as non-traditional settings, such as college dormitories, sports stadiums, airport parking lots and many other venues that accommodate capacity to make COVID-19 vaccinations accessible to all.

    AMN Healthcare is experienced in working with multiple stakeholders, including federal and local governments, insurers, healthcare systems, and existing technology partners to execute critical response plans. We do that by supporting the staffing needs of mass vaccination sites and health systems, as well as local clinics that need rapid staff deployment. Working with our various suppliers and internal expert teams to assist states, government, and local communities we are your go-to partner for administering vaccinations of any kind.

    AMN Mass Vaccination Diagram

    A Tailored Approach from a Proven Partner

    We meet you where you need us, with the right services, expertise, people and technology to help with the rapid stand-up of medical facilities. You will have a single point of contact who understands your challenges and will work with you to achieve your goals.



    The Right People, Right from the Start

    We can provide the critical roles defined by the Federal Healthcare Resilience Task Force for Alternative Care Sites (ACS). This includes seasoned leadership for Site Managers, Chief Medical Officers to build out your care teams, and the logistical and administrative staff you need to stand up and operate these facilities. Based on your staffing plans, we can then scale with you to access nursing and allied professionals as well as physician & advanced practice professionals. We’re abiding by the CDC’s vaccination guidelines on administration of the COVID-19 vaccine.

    Technology to Support You

    AMN technologies, including our Open Talent Marketplace, scheduling and staffing software, telehealth, credentialing, and interpretation & communication tools, can be leveraged to support key processes.

    Open Talent Marketplace – The Marketplace provides 24/7 on-demand access to the single largest pool of talent suppliers in the United States. Utilizing this approach increases access to qualified talent, both clinical and non-clinical, and fills positions faster. Back-office tasks are streamlined, with centralized ordering, onboarding, time tracking, reporting and a single invoice to approve.

    Scheduling and Resource Management – Rapidly communicate and fill shifts in new locations. We can adjust schedules to match developing needs, send email or text messages to all staff, and manage resources to quickly get staff where they are needed.

    Telehealth – A cost-effective and high-quality solution, many states have utilized telehealth capabilities as an efficient way to scale access to providers and expand the reach of those resources across sites.

    Interpretation and Communication – The ability to interpret medical information is critical to providing care across your community. AMN has a unique capability to enable interpretation services in hundreds of languages through a centralized, cloud-based system, ensuring effective communication with patients even outside of traditional hospital walls.

    Let us know how we can help you today; reach out to Clint Clevenger at Clint.Clevenger@amnhealthcare.com or call us at 800-887-1456.


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