• Designed to help you credential smarter and faster so your providers can focus on patients, not paperwork

    Powered by Silversheet, AMN Credentialing Solutions puts world-class technology and highly experienced credentialing professionals to work for your organization. Our cloud-based credentialing solution was built to deliver the best provider experience and help organizations save time, reduce liability and recapture lost revenue.


    The many benefits of partnering with AMN Credentialing Solutions

    Reduce Time to Credential: Use our tools to begin and complete the credentialing and enrollment process sooner, reducing overall credentialing time by 30-50%.
    Reduce Costs: Integrated Credentialing Services allow organizations to collaborate with our team of credentialing and enrollment specialists. Use our scale, automation and collaborative approach to reduce your costs by 20% on average.
    Improve Accountability, Compliance and Quality: We track and report on all components of the process such as credentialing requirements, status, gaps/missing items, completion dates, practice/participation information and next step/cycle dates.
    Improve the Provider Experience: By putting the provider at the center of our solutions, providers can update their credentials in one tool and share those documents with multiple facilities, without duplicating the work.

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    What Our Clients Are Saying

    "Implementing Silversheet on an operational level has cut my credentialing time by 50% and I can focus on other parts of my job now."

    - Scheduling Supervisor and Credentialing Coordinator

    "I can see an overview of all doctors' credentials and send them to any facility within seconds."

    - Doctor Group Administrator

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