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    Trust your entire recruitment, hiring, and on-boarding process to healthcare recruitment outsourcing experts with the experience and expertise to fill permanent clinical positions with the right candidates: Welcome to AMN Healthcare's recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), a unique program that provides the combination of clinical expertise, personalized service, and management know-how to help today's healthcare facilities create the workforce solutions they need to succeed in the long term.

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    Benefits of AMN's Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service

    Whether you need a fast hire for an immediate project or long-term engagement across a variety of clinical specialties, AMN's customizable, demand-driven RPO model is designed to meet your facility's unique requirements. Representing your organization during the entire hiring process, we provide the flexibility and control you need in an RPO partner, along with the highest-quality, extensively screened healthcare professionals available.

    Instead of working with multiple placement firms, with AMN, you partner with just one dedicated team offering national recruitment expertise, best-in-class management resources, and access to the largest, most qualified network of experienced healthcare professionals. The results? Reduced cost per hire, decreased vacancy rates and time-to-fill, and improved hiring manager satisfaction.

    Case Studies

    AMN Healthcare Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Program Ranked Best in Category

    HRO Recruitment Process Outsourcing

    AMN Healthcare Services, Inc. (NYSE: AHS), the innovator in healthcare workforce solutions and largest provider of staffing services in the nation, has been ranked by HRO Today #1 in Quality of Service for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) program for Healthcare Leaders.

    Complete RPO Solutions

    Organizations using RPO solutions for all or part of their healthcare staffing are “12% more likely to be Best-in-Class,” according to Aberdeen Group.
    1 Lombardi, M. (2011). “RPO 2011: Rethink Recruitment” (White Paper). Aberdeen Group, Boston MA.

    Designed to handle time-sensitive hiring needs or project-based growth for any clinical specialties, AMN's rapid talent source RPO model is ideal for expansion projects, among other uses. We also offer more targeted select RPO to address the needs of particular clinical specialties (such as — but not limited to — nursing) and a complete RPO option that offers a comprehensive, end-to-end solution for most of your clinical positions, including nursing, allied health and physician recruitment.

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