• Healthcare Managed Services Program (MSP)

    Streamline & Simplify Your Entire Workforce Planning Process

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    We do more than help you find the best staff. We help you find the best ways to optimize your staff.

    The AMN Managed Services Program (MSP) helps you streamline your entire workforce planning process so you can optimize your core, per diem and locums staff and deliver the best patient care, in the best ways.

    The AMN MSP approach helps you do more planning and less reactive staffing.

    A Single Point of Contact to Help You Control Your Single Biggest Expense

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    With the average healthcare organization spending over half its revenues on staffing*, it’s critically important to not just find the best people, but to deploy them the best way.

    The AMN Managed Services Program (MSP) reduces the cumbersome — and expensive — redundancies that can happen when staffing-related expenses aren’t streamlined through one central partner.

    Using the AMN MSP, your organization is better equipped to “spend smart” on talent – streamlining and simplifying the staffing process – giving you more control so you can be more strategic.

    Multiple, Measurable Benefits

    AMN Managed Services Provider
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    1. Large network for improved patient care: Access to the nation’s largest and most diverse network of healthcare professionals and associate vendors, combined with leading-edge sourcing and recruiting strategies. You have faster access to the right type of highly qualified clinical resources, in the right numbers, where and when you need them—to help ensure quality patient outcomes
    2. Workforce optimization and continuous improvement: Strategies and spend analysis to maximize your workforce investment, with access to analytics and industry best practices to help with decision making
    3. Strategic business partner: Personalized customer support from a proven strategic business partner; supporting you is our top priority
    4. Improved efficiency: Holistic, orchestrated workforce solution delivered through one point of contact versus many individual suppliers
    5. Improved visibility and risk mitigation: One technology and system to track contingent labor across your enterprise including centralized credential management, independent contractor vetting and payrolling, and more
    6. Workforce strategy: Reporting, data and analytics to optimize workforce forecasting, planning and scheduling

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    Take a look at how the AMN MSP has helped clients grow, maintain quality care and improve staffing efficiency.


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    *Fitch Ratings: “Personnel costs represented 54.2% of hospital operating revenue in fiscal year 2012.”