Nursing live Q&A episode 3
Live Q&A May 12, 2022

Ep. 3 - Nursing: Hear from a Travel Nurse

Host: Saundra Vild, DVP Training 
Guests: Ann King, NICU Travel Nurse 


In episode 3 of our Nursing Live Q&A event series, we connect directly with an AMN Healthcare travel nurse. Our host, Saundra, is joined by Ann, a NICU travel nurse sharing amazing tips for nurses who are just starting their career, want to establish a relationship with their recruiter, or find out what happens after a contract is canceled. There is so much to learn during this great episode!




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We Discuss


What are some of the questions you should ask as a new traveler?  

  • As a new traveler, your recruiter is a great resource to ask whatever questions you have regarding your assignment. Please visit our FAQ page for a variety of questions to ask your recruiter. 

If your contract gets canceled, what are the next steps to take?  

  • Contracts can get canceled for a variety of reasons. Your recruiter will work with you to find a new assignment that works for you.  
  • Learn more information about cancellations with this blog 

What are the most important items that you take with you on each assignment?  

  • When starting a travel assignment, make sure you have your basic kitchen essentials and other items you can’t live without.