Live Q&A Episode 13 hosts
Live Q&A February 8, 2023

Live Q&A Ep. 13 – Fall in LOVE with your next assignment!

Host: Saundra

Guests: Charles, Audra, Kristen, Carrie

In episode 13 of our Live Q&A event series, our host, Saundra, and our guests, Charles, Audra, Carrie and Kristen will share their tips for finding an assignment that's perfect for you and how to make the booking process easier using the AMN Passport app.

If you're looking for ways to elevate your travel experience, this episode is for you!

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We Discuss

How can AMN Passport help me book an assignment?

We know life gets busy. That’s why we created the AMN Passport app, a centralized mobile experience to help you find and book assignments. Learn more about the app and download today!

What should new travelers know before starting an assignment?

There are several things to know before starting an assignment! Our recruiters suggest keeping your mind open to all the possibilities available to you and be flexible.

Does AMN Healthcare help with licensure?

Yes! As a travel nurse, you will need to get your nursing license in the state in which you choose to work. Our licensing team is dedicated to helping you make this process easier.