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Download our research and data below to get details on the quality, cost, and education of travel nurses. This information will also help you learn more about how travel nurses can help your organization balance scheduling and budget challenges while continuing to deliver great patient care.

Travel Nurse are better educated and often have more training than staff nurses.

  • 66% of nurses traveling with AMN Healthcare hold a BSN degree
  • All AMN nurses are pre-screened for licensing and applicable training.
  • Travel nurses also benefit from ongoing education as they learn best practices and new techniques from the hospitals where they are assigned

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Using nursing agency can cost less than hiring and managing permanent staff.

  • Most hiring managers don’t account for all of the associated expenses of hiring and managing permanent staff, like sourcing technology, talent acquisition staff, training/on-boarding, and insurance
  • Additional costs for permanent staff could include carrying costs for underutilized nurses and potential loss of revenue due to unused beds and inadequate staffing
  • Plus, travel nurses can help healthcare facilities save on overtime pay and shift incentives
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Properly staffing with temporary nurses can enhance the quality of patient care.

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Travel Nurses can help positively influence a patient’s perspective of hospital care (as tracked by HCAHPS scores).

  • Using qualified travel nurses to properly staff your healthcare facility can actually help increase patient satisfaction and quality scores like HCAHPS
  • Having the right staff in place ensures your patients receive the care they need in a timely manner
  • Recent analysis demonstrates that changing percentages of travel nurse staffing on hospital units had no effect on HCAHPS scores

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Using travel nurses can ensure patient safety.

  • Many studies have clearly shown that there is no link between temporary nursing and medical errors
  • Ensuring you have a quality clinician in the right place at the right time can enhance patient safety and satisfaction
  • For example, a recent study showed that changes in travel nurse coverage percentages had no effect on hospital acquired pressure ulcers or central line-associated blood stream infections

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