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    What Is Telehealth?

    What is telehealth and its affect on healthcare today? Research shows that telehealth services improve access to care, proactively manage patient health and reduce care delivery costs. But these critically important programs can't succeed without ready access to quality clinicians — and the demand for telehealth jobs continues to increase.

    AMN Telehealth Solutions leverage the nation's largest network of quality clinicians to connect patients anywhere with physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who meet the highest standards of the nation's top health systems. AMN Telehealth Solutions overcomes the challenges of finding scarce clinical resources to launch telehealth services that provide robust system of patient care.

    AMN Telehealth Services Delivers Financial Results

    And what is telehealth's benefits to employers? AMN Telehealth Solutions help clients increase case volume and manage more complex patients. Case studies demonstrate that telehealth can provide significant increases in service line revenue with lower incremental costs compared to traditional onsite care. Telehealth programs also deliver value for local physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants. AMN Telehealth Solutions can reduce burn-out and improve quality of life and satisfaction levels for local providers, enhancing health system recruitment, increasing retention and reducing turnover.

    AMN Telehealth Program Benefits

    What is Telehealth? Telehealth Services

    • Expand market coverage and service offerings
    • Improve patient access to critical healthcare expertise
    • Meet quality initiatives and improve patient outcomes
    • Expand clinical productivity while improving retention
    • Provide coordinated care services outside your facility

    AMN Telehealth Staffing Solutions

    • Remote Locums: Dedicated or part-time temporary physicians and advanced practice clinicians to support telehealth services
    • On-call Coverage: Specialty call panel physicians and clinicians to ensure timely emergency specialty care coverage
    • Scheduled Clinic: Pre-scheduled outpatient visits for high-demand specialties, such as psychiatry
    • Integrated Care Team: Blended clinical team for care coordination, remote patient monitoring, disease management and other integrated programs

    AMN Telehealth Support Solutions

    • Billing Services: Expert support for telehealth service coding, billing and collections
    • Technology: Unbiased technical advice to evaluate and select telehealth technology
    • Consulting: Business consulting to design, implement and expand telehealth services

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