Compare Your Staffing Costs to U.S. Average and Travel Nursing

AMN Healthcare developed the RN Labor Cost Comparison to enable hospitals and other healthcare facilities to calculate and compare their nurse staffing costs to the national average for nursing labor. The calculator also provides a comparison of facility nurse staffing cost and AMN travel nursing resources.

RN Labor Cost Comparison Help

Compare your facility's nurse staffing costs to national average and travel nursing rates. Enter the five inputs below to receive a full analysis.

Calculate your full analysis

AMN Per Diem

Travel Nursing2

Average 1


Total Payroll Costs

Wages, Taxes, PTO, Shift Differentials, Overtime, Pension or 401k
Base Wage
Payroll Tax (Federal, State, etc.)
Shift Differential
Holiday Pay
Pension Contribution
Recurring Bonuses
401(k) / 403(b) Match

Total Insurance Costs

Health, Malpractice, Worker's Comp, Disability, Life
Health Insurance
Worker's Compensation
Disability Insurance
Life Insurance

Total Recruiting Costs

Advertising, Orientation, Sign On-Bonus, Relocation, Testing and Screening
Orientation/ Training
Sign-on Bonus
Health Screening
Compliance Screening Costs
Drug Testing
Extraordinary Turnover Costs
Fraud / Abuse Screening

Other Costs

Benefits Admin, Payroll Services, Uniforms, Licensing
Benefits Administration
Continuing Education
Payroll Services

Productivity Factor Help

90% Productivity
Costs include: payroll, taxes, insurance, housing, meal per diems, assignment travel, and other associated costs to recruit and administer the assignment. Costs vary state to state based on housing and other factors.
Costs include: payroll, taxes, insurance, and other associated costs to recruit and administer the assignment. Costs vary state to state based on cost of living and other factors.
Total Hourly Cost of RN

1 Calculated using data from December 2017 BLS, and the 2017 KPMG Nursing Labor Cost study.
2 Based on AMN actual experience for FY 2017.

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