• Who’s looking out for your people and business?

    Protect the Health of Your Employees

    While essential companies may have incorporated temperature checks, what happens when someone tests positive?

    • How is it communicated internally and externally?
    • How is quarantine management handled?
    • Who does contact tracing?
    • Is there a self-screening platform or questionnaire in place?
    • Is there a process to re-test an employee when coming back?

    Who has your back? Playing an active role in planning, implementation, and evolving to changing needs is critical to ensure the safety of your workers and their confidence in your organization.

    Why building a Return to Work Plan is essential:

    • According to OSHA, employees working in close contact with others are at an increased exposure risk.
    • Tailored plans will fit your company and employees’ needs.
    • Keep your team, their families, and communities safe - slow the spread.
    • Increase worker certainty and morale.

    Who we are: AMN Healthcare is the industry leader in healthcare workforce solutions. We know healthcare and can be your total partner, helping you plan and execute the right people and technology solutions. We have the largest healthcare provider base and the experience to ensure we can support the needs of your company. 

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