• Take control of staffing issues with a healthcare Vendor Management System (VMS) from AMN Healthcare that administers the procurement of nursing, allied, locum, IT and non-clinical professionals. From scheduling staff to billing reports, a healthcare VMS can be customized to each enterprise and provide solutions to healthcare staffing problems.

    Vendor Neutral Staffing Solutions Using Healthcare Vendor Management


    Healthcare providers traditionally grapple with staffing issues in the form of unfilled shifts and vacant positions, which they try to rectify using redundant staffing efforts and inefficient manual scheduling procedures. The cost of leaving a shift unfilled, or deploying the wrong combination of internal, float pool and supplemental staff can add up quickly. The concerns attached to credential and compliance issues are considerable; billing, administrative tasks and reporting eat up time better spent on patient care.

    To answer these concerns, AMN Healthcare vendor management systems deliver time-saving, cost-effective healthcare staffing solutions that improve quality of care.

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    Save Time

    With an automated process, you don’t have to reach out to each vendor when a staff need arises. The VMS broadcasts the vacancy to all vendors and returns a list of vetted options. A VMS automates time card approval and consolidates invoices. Less time spent on hiring, staffing and invoicing means more time spent on patient care.

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    Control Costs

    A vendor neutral solution favors cost-competitive vendors. Vendor tiering can be used to negotiate better rates. Reduced administrative labor hours creates more efficient use of resources. Program transparency provides tremendous detail about spending, keeping you on budget when making financial decisions.

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    Increase Quality

    Real-time profile matching ensures that candidates are compliant and credentialed, guaranteeing reliable, consistent quality. Rating systems help reduce the chance of a poor fit by allowing you to choose candidates based on prior performance and visit history.

    AMN Healthcare VMS Automates Inefficient Tasks

    The AMN Healthcare vendor management systems are effective and versatile and provide control over a wide variety of tasks via a single system.

    Advantages include:

    • Single point of contact
    • Standardized contract for all providers
    • Access to nations’ largest pool of supplemental
      healthcare professionals
    • Vendor Neutral
    • Consolidated reporting
    • Dedicated account management team

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    A VMS allows you to work within a web-based platform that can be securely accessed from any computer. Workforce management is centralized, simplified and customized to your enterprise.

    Medefis™ and Shiftwise™ are AMN Healthcare companies that specialize in leading-edge vendor neutral healthcare vendor management systems:

    • Medefis streamlines the process of supplemental staffing for healthcare providers nationwide by offering a convenient, centralized web-based VMS technology and service.
    • Shiftwise automates the entire process of working with staffing agencies and empowers healthcare organizations through a vendor neutral process that includes online order requisition, credential tracking, reporting, secure payment, and invoicing.
    “I would recommend ShiftWise to any hospital, facility, system... regardless of the size. If they use agency personnel, ShiftWise is the way to go.”

    Helen Anderson
    Administrative Director of HR
    DePaul Medical Center

    Healthcare Vendor Management System Meets Innovative Workforce Solutions

    As a reliable healthcare partner, AMN Healthcare fulfills healthcare workforce needs with a comprehensive network of healthcare professionals and innovative workforce solutions such as Managed Services Programs (MSP) and Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO).

    Take a look at how AMN Healthcare Vendor Management System can improve, automate and streamline the Medical Contingent Staffing Process.


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    Case Studies


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    Bon Secours Health System has realized cost savings, saved countless hours in time and gained insight into performance that was previously unavailable. Watch the video to see how it all happened.


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    Weiss Memorial has managed to cut costs, improve transparency and enhance its ability to make strategic business decisions thanks to ShiftWise. Watch the video to see how they have done it.