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    For those healthcare facilities unable to partner full-time with a turnkey managed services solution, but are still in need of a comprehensive and innovative staffing partner that goes beyond physician and clinician staffing to include a full range of administrative and clerical personnel, we offer a rich variety of healthcare workforce consulting services.

    How Healthcare Workforce Consulting Services Can Help Your Facility

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    A growing body of evidence suggests that key factors impacting healthcare operational and financial performance — including quality and cost of care; safety; length of stay; readmissions; and patient, physician and staff satisfaction, turnover and vacancy rates — are all unequivocally linked to staffing.

    Because the staffing of hospital clinical units is complex and increasingly regulated, healthcare executives are under pressure to define, secure, and ensure safe and cost-effective staffing procedures. The expertise of AMN clinical specialists can help relieve this pressure and also alleviate the financial burdens associated with staffing. By staffing efficiently and effectively, AMN can help hospitals improve their bottom line — without sacrificing quality or patient safety.

    Applying a vast range of expertise and a proven history of results, AMN Healthcare workforce consulting and healthcare management consulting services provide you with the info you need to make the hiring decisions that will drive your organization to greater efficiency and productivity. We'll work with you to determine the best match for your healthcare HR workforce needs and recommend improvements and staffing considerations designed to reduce complexity and increase efficiency within your organization. Read More

    AMN Healthcare consulting services provide:

    • Rapid assessments to identify near-term staffing efficiency improvement opportunities.
    • Staffing and scheduling process performance snapshots that gather quantitative and qualitative metrics to identify areas for focus and improvement.
    • Staffing process documentation to help hospitals understand and baseline current practices, as well as future-state potential.
    • Support clinical managers and hospital staffing offices with tools designed to help them do their jobs effectively and efficiently, no matter how volumes may shift.
    • Staffing process transition services that shift the current staffing processes to a defined future state and staff training to help ensure that improvements are sustained long-term.

    Example of the results of an AMN Workforce Consulting engagement at a 636-bed acute care hospital from the first quarter of 2012, versus the same time period the prior year:

    • Reduced daily staffing shortages by 30 percent
    • Reduced internal labor costs by $700,000
    • Reduced external agency labor usage by 11 percent

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