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Healthcare Workforce: Job Growth Continues in June

healthcare hiring report june 2016

Employment news from the healthcare industry sounds like a broken record -- last month was another good month in healthcare hiring.

The healthcare industry added about 39,000 jobs in June, according to preliminary seasonally adjusted data recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. This rate of growth is similar to the growth rate in healthcare in recent months.

Hospitals accounted for 15,000 of those new 39,000 jobs, growth that is in line with hospital job growth in recent months. In the past 12 months, hospitals alone have added more than 192,000 jobs, which is significant given past predictions of slower job growth for hospitals as more care was moved to the outpatient arena and value-based incentives rewarded keeping patients out of the hospitals. In fact, though, overall healthcare growth has been so robust that it is raising virtually all sectors of the industry.

Ambulatory care also continues to rack up solid job gains. About 19,300 new jobs were created in ambulatory health facilities in June, which was very similar to the job growth the previous month. About 6,600 of those jobs were added in physicians’ offices.

Past Growth, Future Growth

For healthcare employment, 2015 was a banner year, with the healthcare industry accounting for 18% of the 2.6 million new jobs that were created in the United States. Halfway through 2016, another great year is shaping up in terms of job growth. Each month this year, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has reports that a half-million jobs have been added in the industry over the 12 months.

One particular factor to consider when looking at statistics and considering whether growth will continue is the aging of the population and the type of care that this population will need in the future. Nursing care facilities experienced a gain of 3,100 jobs in June, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Home healthcare services added another 4,400 jobs. But as the population ages, this could be only the beginning.

The home health industry as a whole is poised to reap the benefits of an aging population, including the Baby Boomers. According to a report released by the Bureau in December, employment in home healthcare is projected to grow steadily through 2024. In fact, the compounded annual growth rate could surpass all other industries, with a projected rate of 5%, or more than 760,000 jobs.

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