Workforce Data — Volume 8

Workforce Data: July is Another Good Month For Healthcare Jobs

healthcare hiring report July v8  

The healthcare industry grew by about 43,000 jobs in July, accordingly to recently released data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That comes after another solid month of employment gains in June, when healthcare employment grew by about 39,000 jobs.

As in June, July saw a steady grain in jobs in ambulatory health, with an increase of nearly 19,000 jobs, which was very similar to the number added in June.

Hospitals were also hiring last month. About 17,100 jobs were added in hospitals in July. That’s an increase of about 1,300 jobs over the previous month’s growth.

Nursing homes and residential care facilities also logged some job growth in July; 7,200 jobs were added, of which 3,300 were in nurse care facilities. Again, that’s comparable to the employment gains in June.

When considering the data…

One thing to consider when looking at employment statistics and trends in healthcare is that healthcare is an evolving field. So it’s not just about the numbers but what lies behind the numbers.

For example, in the past, many people might have just assumed that all new hospital jobs would be acute-care jobs. But that’s not necessarily the case any longer, noted Jean Moore, director of the Center for Health Workforce Studies at the University at Albany-State University of New York.

Today, many hospitals may be focusing more efforts on helping patients through chronic disease management, care coordination and reducing readmissions. That’s steering some hospital recruitment and hiring decisions. For example, New York known has an officially designated category of healthcare worker called an “advanced home health aide” (AHHA), who works under the supervision of a registered nurse. With reimbursements shifting from volume to value, where patient satisfaction and reduced readmissions are incentivized, hospitals will be hiring more clinical professionals who work outside of traditional acute-care roles.

healthcare hiring report July v8  

Healthcare Jobs Gap: Demand vs. Supply

Although healthcare employment has been steadily growing in recent years, the number of unfilled healthcare job openings has been rising, too.