Healthcare Employment Up, Hospital Job Growth Slows

In a month when the overall national unemployment rate barely budged, healthcare continued to drive most job growth in the United States.

Healthcare employment continued to rise in September. In fact, after slowing down just a bit in August, healthcare employment resumed its recent upward trajectory in September. The industry added about 32,700 jobs in September, compared to 22,300 in August, according to preliminary seasonally adjusted data recently released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The August statistic has been adjusted significantly higher from the 14,400 added jobs that were originally reported for August.

Over the past year, healthcare has added 445,000 jobs.

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Focus on Hospitals

While healthcare job growth was relatively healthy last month, hospital job growth dipped.

Hospital job growth was lower in September than it has been all year. Hospitals added just under 6,900 jobs during the month of September, according to the preliminary data. That represents a drop from the number of jobs added earlier in the summer. The BLS reports that hospitals added about 11,200 jobs in August and 13,900 jobs in July.

However, it’s important to consider the context. While the job growth was lower in September than it has been in recent months, hospital job growth has not hit the five-digit mark every single month of the year. For example, hospitals only added about 8,500 jobs in March. Overall, hospitals have hired 155,100 over the past year.

Elsewhere in Healthcare

Ambulatory healthcare services logged a job gain of 23,900 in September, according to the preliminary job stats. About 9,700 of those new jobs were in physicians’ offices.

Nursing and residential care facilities added just under 2,000 jobs last month; only about 300 of the 1,900 new jobs were in actual nursing care facilities.

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