Do You Know the Country Doctor of the Year?

October 4, 2011 - Do you know a great country doctor? The kind of physician who still makes house calls and accepts the occasional apple pie or roast turkey for a fee?

If so, he or she may qualify as the 2011 Country Doctor of the Year, a national award Staff Care has presented since 1992 to outstanding rural physicians nationwide. The award recognizes the spirit, skill and dedication of America’s rural medical practitioners.

A look at past recipients is like a kaleidoscope of unique physician personalities and patient populations, including Dr. Claire Louise Caudill (now deceased), a legendary Kentucky physician who delivered over 10,000 babies in her career; Dr. Elton Lehman, of Mount Eaton, Ohio, who is known for his dedicated treatment of Amish patients; and last year’s winner, Dr. Kenneth Jackson, who serves in a remote Native American village at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

Country doctors are often the unsung heroes of their communities--sacrificing their personal time, going the extra mile and investing themselves in their patients’ lives on a daily basis. Many provide health education, run small clinics, advocate for funding and equipment, visit homebound patients and manage a wide variety of administrative and logistical tasks.

Staff Care is proud to help recognize these individuals and tell their inspirational stories; past recipients of the award have been featured in media outlets including USA Today, People, Parade and The Today Show.

As part of this year’s award, Staff Care will provide the 2011 Country Doctor of the Year with the services of a temporary physician for two weeks at no charge, so the award recipient can take some time away from his or her practice.

How to nominate a deserving physician

Nominations for the 2011 Country Doctor of the Year Award will be accepted for physicians who practice in communities of 20,000 or less and who are engaged in such primary care areas as general practice, family practice, internal medicine and pediatrics. Anyone can nominate a physician, and all stories or anecdotes about the physician’s practice are welcomed.

Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Country Doctor of the Year Award web site at, or you may call Staff Care for a nomination form at (800) 685-2272. Completed nominations must be received no later than October 25, 2011.

If you know a great country doctor who deserves to be recognized, why not submit an application today?

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