Stability and Progress Amid the Healthcare Debate

Bringing Steadiness to the Industry Environment: MSP, RPO and Holistic Talent Management

progress despite healthcare debateDebate over healthcare policies may suggest an unsettled outlook for the industry. In reality, though, the strong positives of the healthcare industry are undeniable, and the demand for healthcare practitioners, leaders and support staff will remain robust for years to come.

The fact remains that political policies are not the biggest driver of healthcare demand. No matter what happens in Congress, macro forces have much greater impact, driving upward the demand for services and for the workforce that provides those services. The biggest driver is the rapid aging of our population: By 2030, there will be more than 70 million Americans over 65, and by 2050, nearly 90 million. Other drivers of healthcare demand include the improving economy and growth in jobs, which increases access to insurance as well as resources for medical copays and deductibles.

Fortunately, healthcare providers have many advanced tools to solve the challenges of rising demand and shortages of practitioners, while achieving the greatest possible efficiency.

Optimize Staff & Boost Efficiency through Managed Services Program (MSP)

In an era of shortages for all types of healthcare workers, a Managed Services Program, or MSP, can help optimize existing staff and create greater efficiency in all workforce management. An MSP provides cost savings of up to 15%, compliance and transparency advantages that few healthcare providers can achieve by themselves. It can help providers navigate workforce shortages through advanced recruitment and staffing capabilities and utilization of predictive analytics to accurately forecast future workforce needs. An MSP also provides greater visibility on spending, not only around the temporary labor but for many other aspects of the healthcare workforce, which accounts for more than half of enterprise budgets.

Cost Savings & Advanced Sourcing through Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Experts in Recruitment Process Outsourcing, or RPO, like those at AMN Healthcare, have far greater recruitment capabilities and resources than almost any healthcare provider can attain, such as the nation’s largest database of healthcare professionals, excellence in customized nationwide talent campaigns, and dedicated recruitment teams with clinical expertise that augment the healthcare organization’s HR department. Key benefits include cost savings up to 20%, flexibility and scalability, decision-making data, faster time-to-fill, and predictive analytics for accurate patient volume forecasting.

The Way Forward: Holistic Talent Management

The continuing shortages of all types of healthcare professionals and nonclinical workers, along with the growing complexity of the healthcare industry, means that talent acquisition can no longer be relegated to a few in-house recruiters trying to fill immediate gaps in the workforce. As talent requirements become more diverse and complicated, providers need a much more holistic approach. A holistic talent management solution is the best system to address quality-, cost- and business-related issues, through programs like MSP and RPO, plus identifying, tracking, and measuring strategic metrics. Predictive analytics and state-of-the-art labor management strategies round out the holistic approach.

Few providers in the market who can offer these advanced tools. Hence, the selection of the best service provider will be a key step for healthcare providers in their journey forward toward an integrated talent management strategy.

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