Nursing Jobs for New Grads Boosted by Training Programs

New Grad ProgramWith hospitals, clinics and practices feeling the pinch of healthcare practitioner shortages, it seems counterintuitive that registered nurses fresh out of nursing school might have a hard time getting a job.

But hospitals in particular have practical reasons for steering clear of brand-new nurses, even in light of worsening nurse shortages. Health providers need experienced and/or specialty-trained nurses, not novices. Transition-to-practice programs for new grad nurses may help solve that problem.

“Nurses are in high demand – no question,” said Marcia Faller, AMN Chief Clinical Officer, who oversees The Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals, which provides customized professional development programs for healthcare enterprises. “Currently, the nurse shortage is increasing in intensity, making every new nurse extremely valuable. But new nurses are hard to place. It’s somewhat of a paradox.”

Gaining Skills for Specialties

Nurses are especially in high demand in places where experience is necessary, such as intensive care, labor and delivery and emergency rooms. It is particularly hard to replace nurses who retire from these areas because, in addition to hard-earned skills, practitioners in these and other specialties over time develop critical thinking, fast reactions and a high level of confidence – characteristics that new nurses have yet to develop.

What new nurses do have, though, is longevity and energy. “New nurses have a whole career ahead of them and the healthcare market is very much in need of them right now,” Faller said. “They also have that amazing sense of excitement that is so vital to the assimilation of their new responsibilities as a nurse. The challenge remains in how to marry the valuable characteristics of experienced nurses and new nurses to benefit hospitals.”

With the help of a partnership between AMN Healthcare and New York-Presbyterian Hospital, new nurses are gaining the job skills needed to make them more hirable in the areas where they are most needed. The New Graduate Residency Program lays out a comprehensive nursing orientation with a yearlong residency program at New York-Presbyterian’s host campus site. The program’s objective is to increase the pool of experienced RN applicants to New York-Presbyterian while decreasing turnover and increasing retention.

Efficiency and Quality

“The new nurses get the chance to train in a top-rated hospital practicing leading-edge care delivery,” said Melissa Kenig, Vice President of The Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals. “The hospital has the option to hire these new nurses who have on-the-job training in the hospital’s environment, and who are much further along in their critical-thinking development than their peers right out of nursing school.”

Programs such as the New Graduate Residency Program are yet another tool AMN Healthcare provides to clients in the interest of greater efficiency and quality in healthcare staffing. In the near future, AMN plans to expand the program to two additional hospital systems. “The clear benefit is an additional value-added talent management solution for our healthcare clients,” Kenig said. “We appreciate the opportunity to innovate with our clients to help overcome their staffing issues.”