NEW! Survey: Physician Shortages Promoting Use of Temporary Physicians

November 14, 2012

Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends: Based Upon 2011 Data

Staff Care’s Survey of Temporary Physician Staffing Trends is based on surveys sent by e-mail to healthcare executives and locum tenens physicians nationwide. The survey also includes an examination of the temporary physician staffing assignments Staff Care conducted in calendar year 2011. Data from past Staff Care surveys are included where applicable.

Results showed that locum tenens physicians remain a commonly used resource for most healthcare facility administrators. For the fifth year in a row, at least 75% of healthcare facility administrators indicated they had used locum tenens physicians to supplement their existing staffs sometime in the previous 12 months. While locum tenens physicians may have been an anomaly at many hospitals and medical groups in the past, survey results indicate they are a standard component of most medical staffs today.

About 41% of healthcare facilities are looking for locum tenens physicians at any one time. For the eighth consecutive year, at least 41% of healthcare administrators indicated they currently are looking for locum tenens physicians to supplement their current staffs.

The majority of healthcare facilities use at least one locum tenens physician per month. Fifty-percent of administrators indicated they typically use one to three locum tenens physicians per month, 8% said they use four to six, and 4% use seven or more. The remaining 38% said that in a typical month they do not use locum tenens physicians, a number that has remained consistent over the last five years.