Survey of Millennial Nurses 2018

August 17, 2018

Survey of Millennial Nurses 2018Survey of Millennial Nurses: A Dynamic Influence on the Profession

Millennials are rapidly becoming the most dominant generation in the workplace, and in nursing they are motivated to seek leadership roles, higher degrees, and professional development more than their generational counterparts.

The AMN Healthcare Survey of Millennial Nurses: A Dynamic Influence on the Profession, compares the views of Millennial nurses (ages 19-36) to those of Generation X (ages 37-53) and Baby Boomer nurses (ages 54-71) regarding their expectations about their work environment and career futures.


  • Seek leadership role: 36% Millennials, 27% Gen Xers, 10% Baby Boomers
  • Pursue higher degree: 71% Millennials, 56% Gen Xers, 20% Baby Boomers
  • Become Advanced Practice RN: 49% Millennials, 35% Gen Xers, 12% Baby Boomers

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