Urgent Care Braces for Unprecedented Growth

September 29, 2015

In its 2014 Benchmarking Survey Report, the Urgent Care Association of America (UCAOA), which provides education, leadership and resources for the successful practice of urgent care (UC), said that one of the reasons the urgent care industry continues to grow is “the shortage of primary care physicians and, therefore, access to them.”

The catch-22 is while the UC bottom line blossoms from an expanding patient base, the very same types of practitioners hit hardest by the shortage — family practice doctors, internal medicine physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants — are also the ones who keep UC centers running. While UC centers surge, they, too, are in competition with hospitals and other facilities that are picking from the same talent pool. So the questions becomes: How long before the shortage affects the attainment of high-quality practitioners and the growth of UC centers?

“In an urgent care market expected to grow 6% a year until 2018, there is no better strategy to surviving the shortage and meeting patient expectations than having a UC staffing plan in place,” said Jeff Waddill, division vice president of Staff Care, a locum tenens company that is part of AMN Healthcare.

With that said, the 2015 Benchmarking Survey Report not only supports the need of a staffing plan, but it also helps you plan for growth.

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