Science Answers Healthcare Staffing Challenges

May 5, 2015

Hospitals and healthcare facilities grapple with staffing challenges every day. Many units plan staffing from one shift to the next; beyond that, workforce needs are determined only through rough estimates. Clinical managers spend up to 70% of their time coping with common staffing problem.

But healthcare staffing problems are not inevitable. They occur because traditional healthcare planning practices, unlike in many other industries, have not included accurate forecasting of resource needs. In healthcare, our most important resources are our people. 

Healthcare Staffing Joins the Age of Algorithms

Today, most other industries utilize technology-aided forecasting to plan future resource needs, and sophisticated strategic planning to fill those needs. Healthcare can do it, too. Business intelligence, data analytics, predictive modeling and standardized practices can be utilized in strategic staffing planning, tailored to the needs of each healthcare enterprise and each unit. Instead of planning only for the next shift, it is possible to plan accurately for the next three months of shifts. 

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