• The Transition to Practice Program provides specialized training through residency and fellowship programs to help create the healthcare workforce pipeline needed to provide quality care now and in the future.

    Transition to Practice ProgramWhat is Your Plan to Build and Retain Talent?

    The growing population of the newly insured is driving huge demands on the healthcare industry, while staffing shortages reduce the number of available clinicians to meet those demands. That’s why AMN Healthcare developed the Transition to Practice Program. We help you build and retain your healthcare workforce through customized, accredited residency and fellowship programs.

    How the Transition to Practice Program Works

    Working in coordination with your organization, we create and manage all aspects of fellowship and residency programs, from recruitment to customizing curriculum to your specific needs. Each participant receives hands-on, individualized attention throughout the entire two-year program, starting with residency and continuing through certification. This enables participants to hit the ground running, quickly becoming an integral part of their unit – both within the practice of nursing and within their specialty, building a solid foundation for future leadership.

    Ongoing Staff Development Builds Staffing Pipeline and Loyalty

    The Transition to Practice Program fosters a culture of continuous advancement in clinical competence, as well as leadership and professional development, resulting in workforce loyalty and quality outcomes.

    Residency Preceptors Fellowship Leadership

    Multiple Benefits and Outcomes:

    1. Critical workforce gaps filled immediately by program participants who are closely supervised throughout the entire program
    2. Experienced clinical program directors make supporting you their top priority
    3. One-on-one training from preceptors throughout the entire program help clinicians ramp quickly
    4. Qualified clinicians who are highly skilled in patient centered care, enculturated and ready to practice
    5. New cohorts join the program every six months keeping your staffing pipeline full and solving your recruiting and attrition issues all at once
    6. Career development opportunities demonstrate your commitment to professional advancement, improving retention rates and creating value for new recruits

    Benefits of Investing in Residency Programs

    Turnover Reduction      Cost Savings

    Sources: Health Care at the Crossroads, The Joint Commission, and NURSING ECONOMIC$, July-August 2012, Vol. 30 No. 4

    Proven Reliability & Quality Curriculum

    Partner with AMN Healthcare and you get the benefit of support and curriculum from highly degreed and recognized industry experts, as well as 30 years of healthcare staffing and workforce development experience. Along with accredited content and the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval, AMN has been named one of America’s Most Trustworthy Companies by Forbes*


    Accrediting Bodies:

    Accrediting bodies
    Source: *Smith J, “America’s 100 Most Trustworthy Companies, Forbes, March 18, 2013

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