6 Criteria for Choosing a Home Healthcare Staffing Partner

January 9, 2018

HH email 3Clinician staffing shortages, especially during times of exponential growth, can be detrimental to your home healthcare agency unless you choose the right healthcare staffing partner. Ultimately this decision can impact patient outcomes, patient satisfaction, employee morale, how you handle a growing patient base, and even your bottom line.

Here’s what home healthcare agencies should expect from a staffing partner:

Access to a large, diverse supply of highly qualified home healthcare professionals

Partner with a staffing company that has a vast network of healthcare professionals, including those with home health experience. Make sure the network’s experience level is superlative to ensure that your quality of care remains high. This helps you maintain adequate staffing levels and fill vacancies quickly. Otherwise, you could end up losing revenue because you can’t handle the workload.

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