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Teletherapy: Common Questions & Answers

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How does teletherapy work?

Teletherapists are licensed Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and School Psychologists who work with students using our propriety software, Televate®. Televate® much more than a telehealth connection – it’s a virtual office to help keep the therapist organized and a therapy room to keep the student engaged. The platform is HIPPA, FERPA, and COPPA compliant, and provides our therapists access to a library of interactive therapy activities, an interactive scheduling calendar, a note-taking platform and progress monitoring tools.

Do schools benefit from teletherapy?

Yes, all schools can benefit from teletherapy! Some have specific needs that make this form of therapy a great option. Teletherapy can be an incredible asset to school districts in rural areas where it is challenging to find therapists, or areas where there are long distances between schools for therapists to serve a small caseload. Other districts might seek teletherapy for short-term or mid-year coverage, like a maternity leave or leave of absence. Teletherapy is not to replace your on-site staff, but to support them and your students. It’s been proven to cut down on burnout and encourage staff to return to the same district year after year.

What do schools need to offer to have a successful teletherapy program?

Most schools already have everything necessary: a computer with video capability, microphone, and headset. It’s best to have high-speed internet and an up-to-date web browser so that sessions are as interactive in real-time as possible. As far as on-site support, that can vary by school. Most schools utilize a special education paraprofessional to help with setup and any technical troubleshooting, but there are many creative options, such as volunteers and other aides.

Is online therapy as good as in-person?

Teletherapists provide the same level of care and activities that they would if they were on-site with a student. Many students have grown up with technology and are used to engaging online. And some schools have reported that students are more engaged online than in-person. The key is that the therapist and student can always see each other live onscreen regardless of what activities they are doing.

How do I know a Teletherapist will be a good fit for our school?

Teletherapists are highly talented professionals who are trained and vetted for your district’s and students’ needs. Our Teletherapists will come prepared to follow your school’s communication expectations with the goal being a seamless integration into your interdisciplinary teams. We have Teletherapists who specialize in a variety of areas and are fluent in multiple languages so they can work to address any student’s needs. We also offer substitute tele-therapists so that students do not ever miss a session.

Let AMN Healthcare support your therapy staffing needs with our virtual solutions. Teletherapy is the best way to safely and efficiently care for your students who need SLP, OT or psych services. Learn more about how your school can get started with our propriety teletherapy software.

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