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HR Latte Features Informative Conversation with Dan White

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Dan WhiteHealthcare is at the forefront of the news cycle these days, and with good reason! Dan White, President of Workforce Solutions at AMN Healthcare was recently featured on HR Latte and shared his firsthand experiences with the biggest growth area in healthcare – its people.

As Dan said in the interview: “Healthcare is on fire right now. It feels like the dot-com era did, with tons of competition for talent and an amazing focus on quality and engagement. It’s an exciting time!”

The interview is an informative look at Dan’s experiences in the healthcare industry center over his 30 years in recruiting and talent management. The discussion touches on how hospitals, clinics and other providers are managing growth while delivering high-quality patient care. Dan also provides an overview on the ways AMN Healthcare is working with clients to recruit, engage and retain the best talent.

In addition, Dan speaks to the industry’s top growth areas, the rapid growth of home healthcare and the surprising ways that predictive analytics are helping hospitals and clinics make the best use of its most valued resources.

You can listen to the full interview on HR Latte.

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