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Blog February 4, 2016

Know How To Answer These Three Important Questions

The interview is where you either win or lose a new job. Your resume and cover letter can only communicate so much, and you’re probably competing against other candidates who have very similar credentials to your own. During the interview, you either rise above the others or fall to the back of the pack. In order to deliver the best performance possible, make sure you prepare for these three common interview questions for Clinical Documentation Specialist:

Tell Me About Your Leadership Credentials.

As a clinical documentation specialist, you will be working with stakeholders throughout the provider organization and supervising/leading large and evolving teams. Employers want to know that you have the hard and soft skills necessary to be an effective leader in all scenarios. Start by talking about the credentials you possess that make you qualified to lead. Then, talk about moments in your professional history when you led successfully. Be sure to provide specifics, and cite as many metrics as possible.

Describe an Instance When You Handled Conflict in the Workplace.

Since clinical documentation specialists work with so many disparate groups and take on the responsibilities of a liaison, they often encounter conflicts, disputes, and workplace dramas. Being able to mediate and resolve these conflicts is a big part of the job. Identify a time when you found yourself involved in a major conflict. Then, refine your language so you can communicate the most pertinent details of the story succinctly. When you conclude the story, be sure to talk about the lasting impact of the resolution you helped broker.

How Will You Obtain Physician Buy-In?

Being a physician is a high-stakes high-pressure job with a demanding schedule. Clinical documentation specialists work closely with these distracted physicians and often have to go a step or two further in order to engage them and gain their support for the documentation program. Without the physicians on board, the success of the entire endeavor is put in jeopardy. When answering this question, make sure you offer specific strategies. It’s easy to make promises but a lot harder to deliver on them. Be sure that your recommendations come across as actionable, reasonable, and effective.

In addition to formulating your answers, make sure you prepare for your interview by carefully researching the employer and studying the exact language of the job description. This gives you a deeper, more accurate portrait of the employer’s real staffing needs and helps you frame yourself as a singularly suited candidate. Learn more about getting interviews and turning in a stellar performance by consulting with AMN Healthcare.