Elevate Care Podcast November 14, 2023

Ep. 03 | Disruptive Technologies in Healthcare: The Promises and Challenges

In this episode, we dive into the world of disruptive technologies in healthcare with Vignesh Kannah and Abhishek AK from the Everest Group. Join us as we explore the groundbreaking innovations that are reshaping the medical landscape, promising improved patient care, and revolutionizing the way healthcare professionals work.

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(00:24) Introduction

(05:55) Shortage in the Workforce

(19:32) Future Skills for Clinicians

(24:12) Benefits and Risks of Generative AI

(33:10) Human Centric Design Approach

(37:25) AI in Healthcare

(44:25) Adopting to New Advancements for Leaders

(46:08) Advantages of VMS

(53:00) Mindset Shift

About The Guest

Vignesh Kannan is the Vice President, BPS of Business Process Services team and leads the Everest Group's research and advisory practice focused on enterprise functions, and has authored 60+ research papers focused on technology, sustainability, and transformation. His area of expertise lies in supporting clients in GTM strategy, value proposition refinement, and market assessment. Connect with Vignesh on LinkedIn.

Abhishek leads the healthcare and life sciences charter at Everest Group. Specializes in helping healthcare companies realize incremental value from the marketplace by advising on investment strategies and digital transformation initiatives.

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