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We sat down with Elevate Care host, Jamey Dubke, VP of Talent Transformation and Executive Advisor at AMN Healthcare, to learn more about her vison and goals for the podcast.

What do you want to accomplish with this new podcast?

With Elevate Care, our mission is to inspire, inform, and elevate the healthcare industry. We aim to bring together thought leaders, visionaries, and experts to explore groundbreaking ideas, share transformative stories, and provide actionable strategies.

Throughout each episode, we delve into the profound impact of innovation on patient care, access to healthcare, and the overall patient experience. This will include topics such as the impact cutting-edge technology, AI, and advanced analytics can have on the most pressing challenges facing the healthcare sector today, such as the need for data-driven resource planning, improved flexibility to meet patient demands while dealing with a national shortage of workers, as well as the considerable financial pressures on organizations.

We'll also engage in meaningful discussions about the pivotal role of leadership and collaboration in nurturing a culture of innovation as well as inclusion and empowerment for healthcare workers – at a time when many are reassessing where, when, and how they work – oftentimes due to burnout.

By fostering a community that values innovation and leadership, we aspire to drive positive change, ultimately improving patient care and the overall healthcare experience. No one gets to be their best selves, by themselves.
Whether you're a dedicated healthcare professional, a visionary leader in the industry, or someone keen on personal and professional growth, we're here to empower you to cultivate talent and ignite innovation, not just in your own life but also within your organization.

Why the name “Elevate Care”?

The name "Elevate Care" embodies our commitment to uplifting the standards of healthcare. We believe in elevating not only the quality of care but also the individuals who make it all possible. It's a nod to the continuous pursuit of excellence and a reminder that, together, we can reach new heights in healthcare.

What makes you passionate about the topics you plan to cover?

My mission is deeply rooted in the transformative journey of healthcare, echoing the sentiments of my own family's generational experiences. From the days of my grandparents to the complex healthcare landscape we navigate today, we're embarking on a transformative exploration with a focus on sustainability for both clinicians and patients.

For the past 20 years, I have been learning and teaching how to solve business problems through people. I have learned people learn best through stories that connect them through emotion. My goal is to humanize our guests through personal narratives, allowing them to share transformative stories, which leads to actionable strategies that highlight the critical role of innovation and leadership. My commitment is clear – to unlock individual potential, enhance patient outcomes, and address the ongoing challenges faced by clinicians and patients alike.

I believe Elevate Care is more than a podcast; it's a movement. We're not just looking for change; we're striving for transformation. Together, we'll spark conversations on empowerment, personalized care, and informed decision-making, envisioning a healthcare future that prioritizes the well-being of everyone involved.

Let's not just cultivate talent and ignite innovation; let's create a ripple effect of transformation within the healthcare system. Elevate Care is our call to action – a beacon for a sustainable and compassionate future for clinicians and patients alike.

If there was one thing about healthcare that you could fix today, what would it be?

If there's one immediate change I could make today, it would be to dismantle the silos within our healthcare system. Picture a patient navigating through multiple doctors, each working independently and solving different issues. This fragmentation often results in a disjointed approach to care, with specialists focusing on their specific domains, unaware of the broader picture.

Breaking down these silos is crucial. Imagine doctors seamlessly communicating, sharing insights, and collectively addressing a patient's comprehensive needs. This not only leads to improved patient outcomes but also streamlines processes, creating a more resilient and responsive industry. I faced this in my own life on my journey with Lupus. It took over 10 years and more than 15 separate doctors to get an understanding of what was happening to me. I am excited for future patients to not have to experience that.

Is there one person in particular that you’d love to have on the show?

I'm eager to have Dr. Atul Gawande on the show. His work in healthcare transformation, combined with his insightful writing, makes him a beacon of inspiration. His perspectives on improving systems and processes align with the ethos of Elevate Care.

In your professional career, what’s the one piece of wisdom you’ve learned that every healthcare leader should know?

In my career, the most valuable lesson I've embraced is the profound significance of adaptability. I believe in focusing on the human aspect of leadership, it's crucial to understand that behind every decision, there's a human being—whether it's a dedicated healthcare professional or a patient seeking care.

In this fast-paced environment, the ability to adapt becomes not just a leadership quality, but a testament to our commitment to humanity. Openness to change, an embrace of innovation, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge are not merely professional virtues but a profound acknowledgment of the lives we impact.

Exceptional leaders are those who recognize the human element in every decision, treatment, and innovation. Their ability to pivot and evolve isn't just a strategic move; it's a deeply human response to the evolving needs of those they serve.

One year from now, what does the podcast look like – what’s the reach, what’s been the impact?

A year from now, Elevate Care will have become a go-to resource for healthcare professionals seeking inspiration and practical insights. We aim to have a global reach, with a diverse audience of leaders, innovators, and learners in the healthcare space. The impact will be evident in the stories of positive change, the adoption of innovative practices, and a community that is empowered to elevate healthcare collectively.

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