• For the fourth year in a row, AMN Healthcare has partnered with HELPS International, to provide U.S. hospital-standard healthcare from highly trained medical/surgical volunteers to alleviate medical problems in Guatemala’s rural indigenous areas that don’t have access to basic healthcare.

    AMN is currently seeking medical volunteers to assist a 100-member medical and community team called Team Esperanza that is traveling to Huehuetenango in the Guatemala Highlands. The team will depart on Sept 3, 2016 and return to the United States on Sept 11, 2016.


    Volunteer applications are due by April 29, 2016. Send a CV or resume, a short paragraph on why you want to join the team, and your complete contact information to the attention of Steve Wehn, AMN’s Vice President of Community Relations:

    Email to Apply

    The following medical volunteers are currently needed and will be considered for sponsorship by AMN Healthcare:

    • Anesthesiologist, MD
    • OB/GYN, MD
    • Pediatricians, MD
    • Instrument Technicians
    • Pre-Operating Room Nurses
    • Recovery Room Nurses
    • Operating Room Circulating Nurses
    • Surgical Technicians

    Team members are 100% volunteers and the $2,300 per-person travel cost which includes: round-trip airfare, food and lodging, security, and transportation while you are in Guatemala will be sponsored and fully paid for you by AMN Healthcare. Healthcare professionals who make the trip may need to pay for a few meals in Antigua, and of course are being asked to donate their time, medical skills and compassion.

    All medical volunteers selected for the trip will travel by air on Saturday, Sept 3 to Guatemala City, then the entire team will convoy to the rural highlands of Guatemala. We will set up shop and work from Sunday through Friday then return to the U.S. on Sept 11. All security needs will be met by the Guatemala Military, which will provide a squad of soldiers to stay with us throughout our mission.

    Email to Apply