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What issues are impacting the cost and value of healthcare? How are healthcare innovation and reform driving change? AMN healthcare blog is dedicated to sharing the vision and ideas of top healthcare thought leaders across the United States, providing insight into what these leaders are doing to manage today’s most pressing healthcare trends and issues.

New AMN Healthcare Revenue Cycle Solutions Provides Healthcare Industry’s Most Comprehensive and Expert Array of Services

On July 1, 2019, we took a strategic step forward by uniting two AMN brands –MedPartners and Peak Health Solutions.

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Medical Specialists Shortage Adds to Primary Care Woes

The prevailing wisdom among healthcare policy makers and academics in recent years has been that the United States faces a growing shortage of primary care physicians.

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Why Being Customer-Centric is the Only Best Practice that Matters

There is an endless stream of solutions to make your organization leaner, smarter, and faster. There’s always someone trying to sell you the latest tech to keep you competing against the big players. Top industry thought leaders (authentic and devised) are quick to offer their best practices to get your organization where you want it to be. There’s certainly value in the expertise they share.

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