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Surgery and Stoves: Human Caring in Action in Guatemala

The statistics for the AMN Healthcare 2015 mission to Guatemala are nothing short of amazing. Our clinical volunteers took part in 112 surgeries and 1,178 patient visits. Our corporate volunteers helped install 76 stoves for impoverished families. All of this in less than six days.

These totals are remarkable, but they just begin to tell the story.

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Q&A with AMN Travel Nurse Patti Fields in Guatemala: “There is so much need in this world…”

Travel nurse Patti Fields, sponsored on the HELPS International mission to Guatemala by AMN Healthcare, worked in a temporary acute care hospital in Huehuetenango in the country’s western highlands, providing treatment for impoverished indigenous people.

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Stove Building: A Vital Mission In Guatemala

I helped build my first stove today -- what an amazing experience! They say you never forget your first stove. I am not sure what made it so memorable: the mother, Isabel, offering me her brother in marriage, or that she took the rosary from around her neck and put it around mine, warmly thanking me with a hug and kiss. It was an experience and special moment that I will treasure forever.

Isabel is the mother of two for whom we built the stove. Little did she know that I was more grateful for the experience than she could ever be for the stove. She didn’t have much but offered my fellow team members and me everything she could think of.

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