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AMN Mission to Guatemala: A Life-saving Journey Begins

SAN CRISTOBAL ALTA VERA PAZ, GUATEMALA -- We arrived in Guatemala City without incident - but with plenty of excitement - to help the people of the beautiful yet impoverished highlands. On our trip from San Diego, the AMN team met up at DFW airport with the physicians, nurses, dentists and allied health professionals on the HELPS International Team Esperanza. Many of the doctors and nurses have been on multiple trips to Guatemala; one of the dentists has been here a dozen times. Hearing their excitement and heartfelt commitment to serve others reinforced the expectation that we are in for a life-changing encounter in the days ahead.

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MSP/VMS Dramatically Simplify the Chaos of Dealing With Dozens of Locums Vendors

What do Computerland, Blockbuster, Montgomery Ward and many tenured healthcare staffing companies have in common? They lost touch with the needs of their clients. Their products and services remained in demand, but delivery of those products and services underwent disruptive change, and these companies didn’t embrace the transformation.

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VITALS: Essential Data and Information on Healthcare Employment

VITALS from AMN Healthcare is a quick, monthly update on healthcare employment and other information affecting the healthcare workforce.

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