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Clinician Compensation Changing in Healthcare’s Volume-to-value Transformation

March 21, 2013 - One of the biggest questions of healthcare reform affecting reimbursement and compensation is seldom heard in the national debate: What will happen to the RVU (relative value unit)? The complaint about the RVU is that, while it may do a good job of measuring procedures, tests and volume, it does a bad job of measuring qualitative aspects of healthcare, such as establishing good rapport with patients, reducing readmissions or convincing a patient to quit smoking.

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A Guide to Immigration Laws, Recruiting International Physicians

Population demographics in the United States are changing rapidly, and the same can be said for the demographics of the nation’s physician workforce. In addition to an influx of female and minority physicians into the medical ranks, a growing number of doctors today are international medical graduates (IMGs).

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AMN Healthcare President and CEO Susan Salka on Workforce Solutions in the Healthcare Reform Era

President & CEO Susan Salka on how AMN Healthcare can provide workforce solutions to clients in the era of healthcare reform: Healthcare consumers will be driving more demand for early diagnostic and preventive care, and that will result in more demand for primary care physicians, advanced-practice nurse practitioners and physician assistants… AMN Healthcare is making sure we have those workforce segments properly resourced for the future.


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